5 Last Minute Gifts for the Political Junkie in Your Life

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The countdown to Christmas is on! But if you are anything like me, you’ve procrastinated your way into a gift-giving conundrum. Fortunately, plenty of retailers are ready and waiting to dig you out of your procrastination hole and keep you from being a total Scrooge on Christmas morning (yay, capitalism?)

For those people in your life steeped in politics, the following gift ideas from Amazon — all stating they will arrive before Christmas — should be enough to keep them from putting coal in your stocking.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Socks

The feminists in your life will enjoy finding these Notorious RBG socks in their stockings on Christmas morning. Available in either blue or purple, these mid-calf socks fit shoe sizes 5 through 9. While the socks likely won’t last as long as the trailblazing Justice sat on the Supreme Court’s bench (27 years!), the reinforced heel and toe should keep them in good shape while they carry on her legacy of fighting for equality.

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Need more RBG to go around? Check out this ornament, this “I Dissent” tee, and this iconic Funko Pop.

Your Voice, Your Vote Pin

A free and fair election is central to our democracy which is why the politically minded in your life will enjoy this high-quality enamel pin. You can purchase a single pin, or if you have a lot of stockings to fill, grab a pack of 10! The pins have a butterfly clutch back and are plated in silver.

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People love pins! Here are a few more to help round out your shopping cart: fundamental rights, safe with me, and pronoun pins.

I Miss Obama Tee

While life is definitely saner now that President Biden is safely ensconced in the White House, the Obama era’s golden days are still on many people’s minds. The “I Miss Obama” tee is sure to warm up your loved one’s heart! Available in several shades of blue, black, and gray, the tee is lightweight and comes in men’s, women’s, and youth sizes.

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More tees you may love: Politics warning tee and the Democrat donkey tee.

Donald Trump Toilet Paper

They already got to flush Trump with their vote in 2020, so why not give them that joy again this year? This set of three rolls of 2-ply paper comes printed with a few of the former guy’s most memorable expressions and contains about 240 sheets each.

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The Trump gifts keep on giving with this Trump for Jail throw pillow or this wacky Trump quote card game.

A Woman’s Place Coffee Mug

Remind the women in your life exactly where their place is — the House, the Senate, and the Oval Office. The slogan makes a great companion to their morning cup of Joe. It is an extra large mug that holds 15 ounces of caffeinated nectar decked out with an easy grip handle.

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Order enough coffee mugs to go around with this political science degree mug, this proud Democrat mug, and this John Lewis mug.

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