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You don’t want to wade through media noise on multiple websites to find the hottest stories of the day. Like us, you need a central hub, your own front page, a place where important stories don’t get buried by distractions.

Common knowledge leads to a common reality, essential for a healthy democracy. To help align citizens around common facts we assembled a team of digital mavens dedicated to elevating fact-based stories that push back on the conveyor belts of misinformation and propaganda. Every week we make sure hundreds of thousands of people see the important and true stories on our front page. And we do this as cost efficiently as possible, every cent has to count. We are “in it to win it” and that means rising above the noise, reaching huge audiences, getting these stories in front of people who might not otherwise see them.

We share and write stories from sources we trust and let you make your own informed decisions. We’re dedicated to real facts, diverse voices, and the support of honest journalism that also reflects the values and voices of the majority of Americans. You are the Great Majority; forward-thinking and reasonable citizens who simply want a shot at a healthy and fulfilling life for you and your family.
With daily news and progressive analysis that matters to you, all in one place—a snapshot of the hottest stories, tweets, videos, and difference-making campaigns—you save time. And by clicking on headlines, you even help us decide which types of stories are most important for us to post.
Front Page Live is your front page for the news that matters to you.  We look forward to building it with you, and to working together towards one America, with many different views but all on the same page.




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Chief Executive Officer
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Stacy is CEO of Front Page Live. Whittle, who first joined the company in 2019, was promoted to CEO in December of 2020. She brings more than 20 years of creative and communications leadership in global organizations focused on international development and has worked around the globe in a number of leadership roles. 
Whittle is leading Front Page Live during its continuing evolution as a company fighting back against the firehose of falsehoods that dominate our news streams. Front Page Live is a publishing platform for the post-truth era, a digital news publisher, and a creative studio & media agency all-in-one. The company is building a communications channel to inoculate people everywhere against the disease of disinformation.
Before becoming CEO, Whittle served as Vice President of Strategy and Chief Creative Officer of the company. She produced hundreds of videos, oversaw a daily newsroom, wrote articles, provided daily strategic leadership, and was instrumental in the hiring and management of key staff.
Under her leadership, the company expanded its brand portfolio and reached millions of Americans with “News that Matters.”
“We’re building this business for the next one hundred years, not just the next quarter, and we have the 2024 election year square in our sights,” Whittle said about taking over as CEO.
Prior to joining Front Page Live, Whittle worked in international development directing communications programs for a NASA/USAID climate change program and other USAID programs. She worked in project finance for a water and wastewater treatment company, managed an education portfolio for Save the Children, and managed a research project at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University focused on optimizing water allocation in the Middle East. She also co-founded a cultural organization in Manama, Bahrain that brought art, theater, literature, and live music to the Persian Gulf.
Whittle, who speaks English and Spanish, received a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from The George Washington University and a master’s degree in international public administration from Middlebury Monterey Institute of International Studies. She is also an accomplished repertory actor in Washington, D.C. and the proud mother of two sons.

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Co-Founder and Chief Political Correspondent
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Award-winning reporter Carl Cameron has been a fixture in American Political journalism since 1988 when he burst into radio and television in New Hampshire, home of the nation’s lead off presidential primary.
Carl was one of the first reporters hired by FOX NEWS in 1995. He served as FOX’s first Congressional Correspondent, first Chief Political Correspondent and First Chief White House Correspondent. He left FOX in 2017.
Nicknamed “Campaign Carl” by colleagues, The Washington Post called Carl “Fox’s Man in the Middle” for his even-handed, fact-based approach to political news. The New York Times wrote “Fellow journalists say they detect no bias in his reporting.”
Carl lives in the Washington DC area with wife Moira Hopkins who worked and traveled with him on the campaign trail for a decade and a half.

Dara Brewton

Staff Writer
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Dara has been writing for the web for several years now. She started her journey with her own family lifestyle blog which eventually led to her leaving the healthcare field and making a go as a freelance writer. After a couple of years of writing about pop culture, travel, and parenting topics, she did a stint at Being Liberal which sparked her love of all things politics. She is continuing down the political path at Front Page Live.

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Executive Producer
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Moira Hopkins hung up her hat after 20+ years as a cable news photojournalist, news videographer and audio tech who covered presidential campaigns and all things politics.
She started her career in national television news after she completed an internship at CNN where she covered the Clarence Thomas hearings. Her passion for politics and media was born. Her first job was working for C-SPAN covering congressional hearings.
Following C-SPAN, she joined FOX NEWS where she spent more than 20 years covering countless presidential candidates, campaigns and elections. In early 2017, Moira left FOX. Her husband Carl Cameron also left FOX soon thereafter.
Moira was born in Nashville, raised in Ireland and came to the States for college where she got her degree in Communications and Political Science in Washington State. Moira is an avid dog lover, and rescuer and lives in the Washington, D.C. area with her husband, Carl and their dog Toby.

Garth Holsinger

Garth Holsinger
Head of Partnerships
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Mr. Holsinger is leading business development and partnerships. He is a Partner at Prota Ventures, an operator-investor group that incubates new startups and products (Labs), provides services for enterprise companies doing innovation work (Studios), and funds pre-seed startups (Ventures). He is the co-founder of Startup Rocket, a platform to help early-stage entrepreneurs launch and grow their ventures. He was Sr. EIR at Bionic, a fast-growing consulting firm helping F500 enterprise clients grow and launch new ventures. He has held key positions at fast-growing startups including Klout and Livefyre, where he led growth and corporate partnerships. He founded Pilot44, a leading innovation consulting practice, that was quickly acquired after founding. In addition, Mr. Holsinger has created and executive-produced a number of original television series for ABC, Fox, and the BBC. He was GM of El Financiero (now Bloomberg), the leading financial news organization in Mexico, and worked for a number of media companies, including Tribune Media. He lives in both the Nevada desert and in Brooklyn, New York. He is committed, through his work at Front Page Live, to helping restore democracy in America.

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Head of Viral Marketing
John is Executive Director and Cofounder of Other98, as well as a principal at Agit-Pop Communications and a co-founder of The Ruckus Society. He provides strategy and creative tactical support to a wide array of organizations, movements, and campaigns. He now specializes in meme warfare and has created and produced some of the most viral content the interwebs have ever seen. John also founded the Mosquito Fleet, an armada of kayaktivists that successfully blocked Royal Dutch Shell’s Arctic Drilling Fleet and paddles for an Oil Free Salish. He lives in Portland, OR with his wife and their fifteen-year old twins.