Climate change is real: These myths aren’t

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Let’s face it. The planet is a hot mess right now. And with all that’s going on during the pandemic, everything can seem to be spinning out of control. But there’s good news. Each of us can help the planet heal and make this a better world for our children.

This problem is bigger than any one of us.  But there are simple actions Mom’s can take. All of us can support immediate action by the government to address global warming.

What you should know, the science is long settled. Today the vast majority of climate scientists — over 99 percent — understand that humans are the primary cause of climate change. The earth continues to set heat records year after year, decade after decade. Unfortunately, a bevy of climate-change-is-fake spokespeople have seized the narrative with their misleading statements and — let’s just come out and say it — lies to make the truth seem like a fantasy.

Fortunately, a group of bipartisan moms (who also happen to be climate scientists) has tired of watching people be spectators and feeling helpless as the planet’s health melts away in front of their children. Science Moms want moms (and dads!) all over the country to know that they have more of a say in the future of Mother Earth than they had ever imagined. And they’re out to demystify climate change and show how everyone can do their part to help eradicate it.

The best place to start — debunking some oft-repeated climate change myths.

REALITY: Climate change is “settled” science

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Climate scientists now have the same degree of certainty that human-caused emissions are changing the climate as they do that cigarette smoking is harmful.

Fact: The last five years have been the hottest on record.

Fact, part two: If we don’t act now, decade after decade will keep getting hotter and hotter — and be accompanied by even more rising sea levels, more powerful hurricanes, more floods, and more destruction.

Fact, part three: Check out this video that explains why the U.S. remains in climate change denial.

REALITY: Climate change is man-made


You may have heard that climate change is a natural phenomenon. But that’s only because human beings are a natural phenomenon. Take people out of the equation, and there’s no climate change over the past half century.

Alaskan glaciers are currently melting 100 times faster than previously thought. Why? Because of fossil fuels. Coal, oil, and natural gas release carbon pollution into the atmosphere, which then traps the sun’s heat and can linger for thousands of years! Picture a blanket nearly 11 feet thick made of carbon pollution surrounding the planet, and you’ll see the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.

REALITY: Climate change is here now

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Climate change is not some distant danger. It is happening here and NOW. Right this second. Everywhere in America. The extra warm temperatures fuel the fires out west. Droughts in the southwest threaten our food supplies, warmer oceans in the south fuel stronger hurricanes that destroy homes and lives.

Procrastination is no longer an option.

Watch this!

REALITY: If we don’t cut carbon pollution rapidly, climate change will damage American’s quality of life

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You may have heard that America can handle whatever climate change is coming. But the reality is that climate change is already bad, devastating major cities and regions. Just think of the devastating wildfires out West, or how Hurricane Harvey inundated Houston or how Superstorm Sandy slammed the northeast coast.

It will only get worse if we don’t get a handle on it very soon. Now. And what makes you think we’ll deal with things better once warming-fueled disasters destroy more homes, businesses, and lives? The time to fight is when we’re relatively strong, not decimated or destroyed.

The consequences of climate change become increasingly dire after each additional degree of warming, with 2°C (3.6°F) being debilitating and 4°C (7°F) being catastrophic. But that’s where we’re headed if we don’t have a climate intervention ASAP.

Help debunk the lies!

REALITY: There is still time to prevent the worst

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The clock is ticking. And that means that we need to wake up to reality and transition from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy like wind and solar. And, contrary to what the polluters preach, a clean economy will create millions of jobs.

Mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, aunts and uncles, all need to rise up and pressure our leaders to act now. Tackling global warming benefits us all. Ignoring it harms everyone.

Science Moms hopes to make mothers understand that they have the power to take action and affect change. Without a cleaner environment, children will grow up on a vastly inferior planet than the previous generations. Aren’t we supposed to leave the earth in BETTER shape for our kids, not worse? But it’s not too late. We just can’t be on the sidelines expecting someone else to address the problem. Getting started is easier than you think:

⇒ Click here to send a letter to your Senators and Representative RIGHT NOW!⇐

Are you ready to stand with Science Moms?

This article was produced and distributed in partnership with Potential Energy Coalition in support of the Science Moms.

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