Water now being traded like gold — if only we treated the planet like gold

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Climate change is eating away at our planet. And as the earth heats up, water becomes an even more valuable commodity.

Predictably, the communities most susceptible to drought and pollution are already the most economically vulnerable.

While these problems are bigger than any one of us, most will agree that something must be done in the face of increasing risks from pollution blankets, wildfires and threats to our fresh water supply. There is plenty of evidence that our leaders often give a preference to big business and big polluters when it comes to clean water and healthy families.

The number one action that you can take is to demand common sense solutions to tackle climate change from our leaders. All of us can support immediate action by the government to address global warming. 

Science Moms is hoping to help mothers better understand ways to take action! This group of climate scientist moms hopes to bring a cleaner environment to the forefront. Climate change is settled science. It’s not the earth, it’s us. It’s happening right now. If left unchecked climate change could break us. But there is still time to address it!

Demystifying climate science


Science Moms plans to help other mothers communicate their concerns about the condition of the planet their children are inheriting. Climate change is settled science. There is a 99% consensus among scientists that climate change is real and caused by humans, but for many of us, it is unclear what we can do as individuals. As it turns out, the most powerful action we can take is to demand common-sense solutions from our elected representatives to address climate change.

This problem is bigger than any one of us. Together, we must put pressure on those who can make the big, sweeping changes.

No area is immune from Mother Nature

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In the west, hot, dry conditions fuel massive fires and poison the air.

In the southwest, historic droughts threaten crops and the food supply.

In the south, warmer oceans are creating more powerful (and more frequent) hurricanes.

How much sea levels rise and how many people lose their homes — and lives — depends on how quickly we act.

Time is running out.

Is water now more valuable than gold?


This month, the CME Group will launch futures contracts on Wall Street tied to water’s spot price. Yes, water is about to be traded like oil and gold. But people can survive without oil and gold. Betting on water’s price is a scary proposition considering that driving the price up means there’s a scarcity. And if there’s a scarcity, that means communities are suffering.

With nearly two-thirds of the world’s population expected to face water shortages by 2025, water scarcity presents a growing risk for businesses and communities around the world.

 — Tim McCourt, CME Group Global Head of Equity Index and Alternative Investment Products

Our wars are going to be about water

Water drips from a tap.

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In order to reduce the carnage, America must start to transition away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy sources. And, despite what the big polluters say, a clean economy will create millions of jobs. Perhaps most importantly, as the people of Flint, Michigan can attest, without clean water, the world falls apart.

While practicing good water conservation habits is important, if we really want to ensure clean water is available to all, we are going to have to think bigger than our own households! We need real action on a government level which is why Science Moms encourages you to reach out to your leaders and tell them exactly how important water conservation and climate action is to you and your family.

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We owe it to our children. Stand with Science Moms!

This sponsored article was produced and distributed in partnership with Potential Energy Coalition in support of the Science Moms campaign.

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